Peugeot, c. 1887

This Peugeot highwheel is now in the Velorama museum in Nijmegen, in the Netherlands.  It is a rare machine with interesting details, like the unique ball bearings, detachable handlebars and rear spring support. This proves that Peugeot didn't just copy other bikes in its early years: they really were innovators.

This bike has a 51 inch driving wheel and the serial number 1968 is engraved in the right side of the neck and in the handlebars. This makes it an 1887-1888 model.

Interesting detail: the spring mentions 'Peugeot 1' - which was the most expensive Peugeot model at the time. 

I added a picture from the book 'L'ere de Grand Bi' by Claude Reynaud, of an original Peugeot in the late 1880's. It is the same model.

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